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Boys and Girls Team

Tri-Town Gymnastics has a non-competitive pre-team and competitive team programs.

Non-Competitive Boys Pre-team (August - June)

Invitation to this advanced level is given to those students performing extremely well throughout the year of gymnastics.  The Pre-team practices begin at 2 days per week.  Students will learn routines which, after practicing long hours, will lead to confidence and mastery for competition.

Competitive Team (August - July)

The invitation to join team signifies that a gymnast has shown exceptional strength, flexibility, talent, work ethic and love for gymnastics.  Joining team is a commitment of time, finances, and effort on the part of the gymnast.  There are approximately 8 competitive meets from October to May.

Please contact the gym for more info. 860-871-1964. 

Team Coaches

Boys Head Coach - Frank Valentin (see bio below)

Girls Head Coach - Debi Bugbee (see bio below)

Girls AAU Head Coach - Heather Papp

Girls Team Staff - Chrissy O'Connor, Shannon Gagne, and Pat Sawyer

Staff Bios

Debi Bugbee


Team Director and Head Coach

Frank Valentin


Boys Team Coach