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About Our School

Our Mission Statement:

Growth through participation has been Tri-Town's mission throughout these many years.  Enjoyment, physical fitness and coordination are some of the benefits involved in taking part in our regular gymnastics programs.  Many of our parents have expressed how these benefits have enhanced their children's development in many of their everyday challenges outside of gymnastics.  This makes us very proud here at Tri-Town Gymnastics.

August 2019 - June 2020

It is the start of our 38th year at TRI-TOWN GYMNASTICS.  We want to thank all of you who have grown with our programs during these wonderful years.  We have enjoyed watching your children develop their gymnastics skills, especially the multi-year children we have worked with.  

To facilitate both the learning and teaching process we have continued our "end of the year" fun routines.  We have found them very enjoyable and the students enjoy performing for all their relatives and friends.  These routines are similar to the evaluation-of-skill charts levels 1-5.  We strongly encourage participation by all students.  Mastering these routines is the culmination of a full years work.


Heather and Lance

All three of our children  attend Tri Town Gymnastics and absolutely love it!  They love gymnastics and their coaches so much that they all opted to leave all other after school activities to put all their energy into gymnastics.   Tri Town has offered our children a wonderful, nurturing environment to not only work on developing their skills and confidence, but what it is like to be a part of a team and support each other.


When Dennis Adams first opened Tri-Town Gymnastics in 1980, I transferred to his school.  I had 9 years of gymnastics under my belt, and was doing OK in the sport, but never really learned very good basics.  Tri-Town Gymnastics had a dramatic impact on my skills and my gymnastics improved immediately (and so did my scores!).  Dennis and his staff were very knowledgeable and always taught with a kind hand.  My experience with this school had been so positive, I chose to have my daughter start classes when she was a toddler.  She is now 16 and is on the girls team. She enjoys the comradery of her teammates.   She also occasionally helps in the summer, teaching camp and likes being part of that aspect of the gym as well.. 

Thank you Tri-Town for such great old and new memories.


 Thank you Tri-Town for the way you encourage your athletes to strive for excellence inside themselves and, above all, sportsmanship as a unit together. Hannele has found her place with you and we are so grateful for her home-away-from-home!!