PARENT/CHILD CLASSES: (20 Mos. to 3 yrs)  This level is to help with developing motor skills and interaction with other children.  Class ratio: 12 parent/child combos to one instructor.


Instructor Classes (3 to 5 yrs):


3 YR PRESCHOOL: This level is for basic motor skills, learning to listen and follow directions and learning to leave parents.  Class ratio: 6 children to 1 instructor.
                                                                                                                                 4 & 5 YR PRESCHOOL:  This level is for basic motor skills, listening to directions, coordination and progressing toward basic gymnastic skills.  Class Ratio: 8 children to 1 instructor.


***The above programs work toward independence, creativity and self confidence.


6 & UP GYMNASTICS: These levels are designed to start with the basic gymnastic skills and work up to intermediate levels throughout the years.  Growth through participation has been Tri-Town's mission throughout these many years.  The students end their year with routines during "Routine Week" in June 2020.  These routines are a culmination of a full years work.  Class ratio: 8 children to 1 instructor.

TEAM GYMNASTICS:  This level is designed for the advanced, competitive athlete and involves a full year of practice with gymnastic meets.  Please see our team page.

SUPERSTARS CLASS:   A special needs class may resume in the winter with significant enrollment.  Please contact Christine via email at

HOME SCHOOL CLASS:   Parents can assist their youngest children, while 3-5 year olds receive fun and coordination-building exercises and basic gymnastic instruction.  At the same time, older children (approximately age 6-16) work with instructors on the gymnastics equipment, building gymnastics skills and obtaining PE credit.   If you are interested in the home school class please contact Debi at